Optimize the protection over the email accounts in your email service by enabling key features in Cloud App Security.

For email accounts with key features disabled, you can enable the key features for the accounts from the Email Account Inventory.
The following operation is available only when you click the number of accounts with certain key feature disabled in Executive DashboardSecurity ConfigurationEmail SecurityEmail Sensor.


  1. Click Manage Policy to enable key Cloud App Security features for the selected accounts.
  2. On the Manage Policy screen, click Update Policy.
    The selected users may belong to different policies. In this case, click Update Policy next to each of the listed policies.
    • If you are using the Primary User Account, the Advanced Threat Protection screen of Cloud App Security is displayed.
    • If you are using other accounts, the logon page of Cloud App Security is displayed. You need to log on using a Cloud App Security account and navigate to the Advanced Threat Protection screen.
  3. On the Advanced Threat Protection screen in Cloud App Security, click an existing Exchange Online policy or add a new policy by clicking Add Policy and choosing Exchange Online.
  4. In the General tab, select accounts in Available Targets and click the right arrow to add them to Selected Targets.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Go back to the Trend Vision One console and close the Manage Policy screen.
    Wait a few minutes for Cloud App Security to synchronize the status to Trend Vision One. When the synchronization is complete, you can click the refresh icon (refresh-eai.png) at the upper right corner to get the latest status. The value of Cloud App Security protection for the related accounts will change from Partially enabled to Fully enabled if you have enabled all the key features for the accounts.