Create DLP rules using predefined or custom templates.

A DLP template combines DLP data identifiers and logical operators (And, Or, Except) to form condition statements. Only files or data that satisfy a certain condition statement will be subject to a DLP policy.
For example, a file must be a Microsoft Word file (file attribute) AND must contain certain legal terms (keywords) AND must contain ID numbers (expressions) for it to be subject to the "Employment Contracts" policy. This policy allows Human Resources personnel to transmit the file through printing so that the printed copy can be signed by an employee. Transmission through all other possible channels, such as email, is blocked.
You can create your own templates if you have configured DLP data identifiers. You can also use predefined templates.
It is not possible to delete a template that is being used in a DLP rule. Remove the template from the rule before deleting it.
The following table outlines the actions available in the Data Loss Prevention Templates screen.
Add a DLP template
Click Add and follow the instructions to add a DLP template.
Manage DLP templates
  • Click edit-icon_001.png to change the settings of a customized DLP template.
  • Click custom-category-deta.jpg to view the settings of a predefined DLP template.
  • Click duplicate.jpg to duplicate a DLP template. This provides a convenient way of adding a new DLP template with settings similar to an existing template.
  • Click trash-icon.png to delete a customized DLP template from Trend Vision One.
    To delete more than one customized DLP template, select the templates and click Delete in the upper left.
    Only the customized DLP template that is not in use by any DLP rule can be deleted.
Export DLP templates
Click Export All to export all predefined and customized DLP templates to a XML file to your local machine.
Import DLP templates
Click Import to add customized DLP templates to Trend Vision One if you have a properly-formatted XML file containing the templates. You can generate the file by exporting the templates from the Trend Vision One console.