Get instant visibility into cloud assets containing sensitive data. Data Posture helps you understand your organization's overall data risk, and to view and address cloud assets with the riskiest sensitive data.

The following table describes the widgets in the Data Posture app.
Widget Description
Data Risk
A graphical representation of your organization's overall data risk over time. Data Risk is calculated as a summary of all risk events for assets with sensitive data.
For more information, see Data Risk.
Top Risky Assets with Sensitive Data
A list of the assets in your organization with sensitive data that have the highest risk scores among all monitored assets in your environment.
For more information, see Top Risky Assets with Sensitive Data.
Sensitive Data Overview
A summary of sensitive data, including a breakdown of sensitive data types and a summary of contributing sources.
For more information, see Sensitive Data Overview.
Sensitive Data by Location
Displays a map with the number of assets with sensitive data by geographical location. Hover over each number to view details.
For more information, see Sensitive Data by Location.
Exposure Risk Events
A list of exposure-related risk events.
For more information, see Exposure Risk Events.