Default endpoint policies ensure that all newly-deployed agents automatically apply the correct protection and detection features to provide immediate security for your network. Each security deployment type manages default settings separately.
Security Deployment
Default settings overview
Standard Endpoint Protection
Configure using the Policy Management screen available in Standard Endpoint Protection.
Go to Endpoint SecurityStandard Endpoint ProtectionPoliciesPolicy Management and click the Create button. Configure a default policy using target filters and configure the policy settings.
Server & Workload Protection
Configure by creating a new policy and using the agent-initiated activation feature available in Server & Workload Protection.
  1. Set up your default policy by going to Endpoint SecurityServer & Workload ProtectionPoliciesNewNew policy.
  2. Set up agent-initiated activation by going to Endpoint SecurityServer & Workload ProtectionAdministration System Settings Agents.
Sensor only
Configure using the Default Sensor Settings screen available in Endpoint Inventory
Go to Endpoint SecurityEndpoint Inventory and click the Default Sensor Settings at the top-right of the screen to configure the settings per deployment type.