Grant Trend Micro permission to access your Google Cloud Identity data in one or multiple tenants for use in Trend Vision One apps.

This feature is not available in all regions.


  1. Open the Google Cloud Identity screen from Workflow and AutomationThird-Party Integration or from a Trend Vision One app that requires Google Cloud Identity permissions.
  2. Locate the permissions required by the desired associated app.
  3. Grant access permissions for a Google Cloud Identity tenant.
    1. Click Grant permissions in the Status column corresponding to the desired associated app.
    2. Sign in to the Google administrator account that manages the Google Cloud Identity tenant.
    3. In the Google Admin console, view and confirm the permissions required.
    4. Click Accept.
      When permissions are successfully granted, the name of the tenant appears in the Google Cloud Identity screen.
  4. To grant another permission for the same tenant, repeat step 3.
    Mobile Security can access Google Cloud Identity data from one tenant only.