Reduce network congestion on your on-premises gateway by configuring bandwidth control.

Bandwidth control reduces network congestion by controlling communications, reducing unwanted traffic, and allowing critical traffic or services the appropriate bandwidth allocation.


  1. In the On-Premises Gateways section, click Configure Bandwidth Control.
    The Configure Bandwidth Control screen appears.
  2. In the Overall bandwidth settings area, click Configure overall bandwidth settings.
  3. Click On and set the overall upstream and downstream bandwidths based on your organization's internet bandwidth settings.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Manage bandwidth control rules.
    Filter bandwidth control rules
    Use the Applied on-premises gateways drop-down list and the search box to locate specific bandwidth control rules.
    Add/Edit a bandwidth control rule
    Click Add or select an existing bandwidth control rule under Rule name, and then specify the settings on the screen that appears.
    Delete a bandwidth control rule
    Select one or several bandwidth control rules to delete and then click Delete. Do this if you no longer need a bandwidth control rule.
    Duplicate a bandwidth control rule
    Select a bandwidth control rule and click Duplicate. Under Rule name, click the duplicated rule and then specify settings on the new screen that appears.
    Prioritize bandwidth control rules
    After creating more than one bandwidth control rule, you can prioritize them to determine which rules take precedence when applied.
    Use drag-and-drop to move the bandwidth control rule to a specific position as necessary.
    Enable/Disable a bandwidth control rule
    Enable or disable the toggle corresponding to the bandwidth control rule.