How long does Trend Micro keep my conversation records with Companion?

Trend Micro retains the conversation records with Companion for up to 30 days. If your conversation exceeds 500 prompts within 30 days, Trend Micro deletes the earliest prompts beyond 500.

Can I use Companion in multiple tabs?

You can use Companion in multiple tabs. However, if you are waiting for a response from Companion in one tab, you cannot send a new prompt in other tabs until you get the first response.

What happens if any of my prompts includes personal information?

We have filters in place to replace/remove common types of personal data from prompts, such as names and email addresses. However, some personal data might remain.
Because of the filters to remove personal information from prompts, Companion might generate a response different than you expect.

Can Companion help in areas other than cybersecurity?

No, Companion is designed to provide assistance exclusively in the field of cybersecurity.

What languages does Companion understand?

Companion can only understand questions in English.
You can ask companion to generate a response in another language (Example: What is ransomware? Write your response in Spanish).