View a live, contextual assessment of the attack surface of your cloud assets.

This is a pre-release sub-feature and is not part of the existing features of an official commercial or general release. Please review the Pre-release sub-feature disclaimer before using the sub-feature.
Cloud Risk Graph provides a comprehensive overview of your organization's cloud assets, helping you quickly identify potential vulnerabilities and risks. Cloud Risk Graph visualizes the relationships between your cloud assets and gives you a contextual assessment of your organization's attack surface.
The following table describes the actions available while using Cloud Risk Graph in the Cloud Assets section of Attack Surface Discovery.
Add cloud accounts
Click Add Cloud Account to configure an additional cloud account connection.
Return to the overview
Click Overview to exit the graph view.
Find cloud accounts
Search for cloud accounts by name.
View the graph for a connected cloud account
Click the name of any cloud account to load the graph for the account.
  • For cloud accounts with multiple regions, click Region to select which region to view.
  • Click Expand to maximize the graph view.
  • Click Collapse to return the maximized graph view back to the initial size.
  • Click a node to view detailed information about the cloud asset group.
  • Click and drag to pan the graph.
  • Hover the cursor over the graph and scroll up or down to zoom in or out, respectively.
  • Click the target icon (target-icon.png) to recenter the graph.
  • Click (+) or minus (-) to zoom in or out, respectively.
  • To select which account to view when the graph view is expanded, click Account and select the account.
  • When the graph view is expanded, use the Search field to search for assets by name.