Gain comprehensive visibility over your organization's cloud environment and identify cloud assets with potential security vulnerabilities.

Attack Surface Discovery detects the various assets in your organization environment based on data from your connected cloud accounts. Trend Vision One categorizes and assigns risk scores to each cloud asset. The Cloud Assets section of Attack Surface Discovery provides a consolidated overview of your cloud assets to help you quickly identify potential vulnerabilities and continuously assess and prioritize risk.
The following table describes the actions available in the Cloud Assets section of Attack Surface Discovery.
Add cloud accounts
  • Click Add Cloud Account to configure an additional cloud account connection.
Find cloud assets
  • Search for cloud assets by name.
  • Click Filter to add a filter.
  • In the Cloud Asset List section, click a type of cloud asset to filter the list.
View a graphical representation of your cloud accounts
  • Click Cloud Risk Graph to see a visualization of the relationships between your cloud assets in each cloud account.
This feature is not available in all regions.
Export a report
  • Click Export to generate a report for the cloud assets currently displayed on the list.
View the details of an asset
  • Click any cloud asset name to view additional details on the cloud asset profile screen.