View detailed information about a selected cloud asset.

The following table describes the tabs available on the cloud asset profile screen.
Customers with XDR sensor entitlements that have not allocated credits to Attack Surface Risk Management can only see the Risk Score widget of the Risk Assessment tab and access the Asset Profile tab.
A cloud asset's risk assessment displays activity in several widgets.
  • Risk Score: Assessment of the cloud asset's activity over the last 30 days
    A cloud asset's risk score is calculated every 4 hours.
  • Risk Indicators: A list of events that might indicate the cloud asset is vulnerable to attack
Asset Risk Graph
The Asset Risk Graph illustrates the asset's connection to other assets in your environment.
  • Click any asset in the Asset Risk Graph to view details, including asset criticality, significant profile tags, and risk indicators.
  • Click the label in an arrow to view a description of the relationship, such as the first and last time a connection occurred.
The Asset Risk Graph is currently only available for some cloud asset types. For unsupported types, the Asset Risk Graph tab is inaccessible and displays "Coming Soon". Support for additional cloud asset types is under development.
Click a group to see a list of the cloud assets that comprise the group.
Asset Profile
Detailed information about the asset, including asset criticality and a complete list of the asset's profile tags.
To manually modify the criticality of the asset, click Modify Criticality, select a criticality source of Custom, and select the criticality of the asset.