The Trend Micro Artifact Scanner requires that you obtain an API key from Trend Vision One. Ensure that you create an API key specifically for the endpoint you are calling (for example, create an API Key for the “us-east-1” region if you are planning to call the “us-east-1” endpoint to ensure proper authorization). Refer to the region flags to obtain a better understanding of the valid regions associated with the respective API key. The list of supported regions can be found under the region flag.
You must add the API key account to a role with the "Run artifact scan" permission. Only administrators with the necessary permissions can access the API Keys and User Roles screens.
After receiving a valid Trend Vision One API key, store the key in an environment variable. Add the API key associated with the region that you wish to call as an environment variable named TMAS_API_KEY.
export TMAS_API_KEY=<your_trend_vision_one_api_key>