Add or edit an asset visibility scope to group the data and Trend Vision One app assets of your organization as per your requirements.


  1. Connect data assets to Trend Vision One or create app assets in the associated Trend Vision One app.
    Data assets of your organization that can be managed cover multiple layers, including endpoints, containers, accounts, cloud assets, network assets, and more. Depending on what types of assets you want to group and manage, you can connect your Trend Micro offerings in the Product Instance app or set up security solutions in the corresponding Trend Vision One apps such as Endpoint Security Operations.
    Trend Vision One app assets are the settings that the administrators configure and manage in the Trend Vision One console, for example, scheduled playbooks in the Security Playbooks app and custom reports in the Reports app.
  2. Go to Service ManagementAsset Visibility Management, and click + Add Scope.
  3. On the General Information tab, specify the scope name and description.
  4. On the Data Assets and App Assets tabs, select the data and Trend Vision One app assets that you want to group in a scope for granular visibility and management.
  5. Click Save.