Select one or more Trend Micro predefined or customized DLP templates or your published sensitivity labels from Microsoft Purview Information Protection to form a data loss prevention rule.


  1. On the Secure Access Resources screen, click the Data Loss Prevention tab and then click Add.
  2. Specify a unique name and a description for the rule.
  3. In the Settings section,
    Data Loss Prevention Templates
    Select one or more Trend Micro predefined or user customized DLP templates from the Available DLP Templates section and add them to the Selected DLP Templates section.
    To manage DLP templates, click the gear icon (gear-icon.png) to open the Data Loss Prevention Templates screen in a new browser tab.
    Sensitivity Labels
    1. On first use, click Grant permissions to allow Internet Access to read your Microsoft Purview Information Protection-encrypted content and synchronize your published sensitivity labels.
      For more information about sensitivity labels, see Microsoft Purview Information Protection documentation.
    2. Select one or more sensitivity labels from the Available Sensitivity Labels section and add them to the Selected Sensitivity Labels section.
      The protection is available for the following file types:
      • Microsoft Word: docm, docx, dotm, and dotx
      • Microsoft Excel: xlam, xlsm, xlsx, xltx, xlsb, and xltm
      • Microsoft PowerPoint: potm, potx, ppsx, ppsm, pptm, pptx, pot, pps, xps, and ppt
      • PDF: pdf
      • Text: text
    To synchronize the published sensitivity labels, click the refresh icon (refresh.png).
    To manage Microsoft Entra ID permissions, click the gear icon (gear-icon.png) to open the Third-Party IntegrationMicrosoft Entra ID screen in a new browser tab.
  4. In the Action section, select an action on the outbound web traffic for content including the sensitive data identified in the Settings section.
    • Monitor: Users can transmit the data but the Internet Access Gateway logs this user activity for monitoring and analysis.
    • Block: Users cannot send the data out of your organization's network.
  5. Click Save.