The following table lists the file types under each file category.
File Category
File Type
File Extension
Office files
Hancom™ Hancell spreadsheet
Comma-separated values (CSV) file
Microsoft™ OLE document
Microsoft™ Word™ document
Microsoft™ Office Word™ (2007 or later) document
Microsoft™ Excel™ Web Query File
OpenDocument Presentation
OpenDocument Spreadsheet
OpenDocument Text
Microsoft™ Office PowerPoint™ presentation
Microsoft™ Office PowerPoint™ (2007 or later) presentation
Microsoft™ Office Publisher™ (2016) file
Microsoft™ symbolic link format
Microsoft™ Office Excel™ spreadsheet
Microsoft™ Office Excel™ (2007 or later) spreadsheet
Microsoft™ Office Word™ (2007 or later) macro-enabled document
Microsoft™ Office PowerPoint™ (2007 or later) macro-enabled presentation
Microsoft™ Office Excel™ (2007 or later) macro-enabled spreadsheet
Portable executable files
Microsoft™ Windows™ executable file
AMD™ 64-bit DLL file
Microsoft™ Windows™ 16-bit DLL file
Microsoft™ Windows™ 32-bit DLL file
ELF Executable file
Portable Executable (PE) file
Microsoft™ Windows™ batch file
Microsoft™ Windows™ command script file
HTML application file
JavaScript™ file
JavaScript™ encoded script file
Microsoft™ Windows™ PowerShell script file
Shell script file
Internet shortcut file
Visual Basic™ encoded script file
Visual Basic™ script file
Microsoft™ Windows™ Script File
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) file
Web page archive file
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language file
Server-parsed Hypertext Markup Language file
Adobe™ Portable Document Format (PDF) .pdf
Multimedia files
Apple QuickTime media
Scalable Vector Graphics file
Adobe™ Shockwave™ Flash file
Java files
Java™ class file
Java™ applet
Java™ application
Other files
Compiled HTML (CHM) help file
Apple disk image file
Microsoft™ Windows™ shortcut
Universal binary file
Mach object file
macOS installer package
Microsoft™ Rich Text Format (RTF) document