Welcome to the Trend Micro™ Endpoint Encryption™ Installation Guide. This guide is intended to assist security administrators and IT professionals to set up PolicyServer, install Endpoint Encryption™ agents, and integrate PolicyServer with Trend Micro Control Manager. This guide explains system requirements, deployment considerations, product installation, upgrade scenarios, and product uninstallation.

Deployment Overview

  1. Decide how to deploy Endpoint Encryption into your environment and prepare for Endpoint Encryption installation.

    See Deployment Planning.

  2. Review all system requirements for compatible product versions.

    See System Requirements.

  3. Install PolicyServer and PolicyServer MMC.

    See Installing PolicyServer.

  4. Optionally, set up Control Manager for Endpoint Encryption management.

    See the supporting documentation at:

    1. Install and configure Control Manager.
    2. Add PolicyServer to Control Manager.

      See Adding PolicyServer as a Managed Product to Control Manager

  5. Prepare endpoints for deployment.

    See Agent Installation Prerequisites.

  6. Install Endpoint Encryption agents.
  7. Manage your agents using your prefered management console.