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Real-time Scan Settings

When enabled, Trend Micro™ Security (for Macintosh) scans for malware when users open, save, or download files.

Enable Real-time Scan:  enabling or disabling Real-time scan from this page is the same as enabling or disabling Real-time Scan from the Protection Status screen.

Scan compressed files:  compressed file scans utilize computer resources and can impact computer performance.

Action: specify an action for Security (for Macintosh) to take when it detects malware.

Recommended action :  Security (for Macintosh) first attempts to clean the file. If Security (for Macintosh) is unable to clean the file, it will attempt another action.

Customize action :  specify an action Security (for Macintosh) should take when it detects malware.

Restore Defaults:  default settings for Real-time Scan are:

Enable Real-time Scan, Scan compressed files, Recommended action

Scan Exception List: specify files and extensions that Security (for Macintosh) should exclude from scans.

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