Troubleshooting options for performance issues
Resolution or Cause
Cloud Posture Scan has caused my account to reach its rate limit
Manage performance issues by increasing the delay between Cloud Posture Scan runs
API throttling
Cloud Posture has optimised the platform to avoid unnecessary API calls. Examples of performance optimisation:1. when Cloud Posture calls the AWS API for S3 bucket list, the bot does not do repetitive calls, instead, the bot checks for changes only.2. Cloud Posture supports partial inventory. i.e. using partial lists of resources from AWS so the system is capable of dealing with partial calls e.g. S3 bucket list - secondary IP calls - if the bot fails to call second API calls, the rule engine will still work.3. Support for exponential backoff API.
If you experience any other issues, please let our team know via Cloud Posture support.