Verify your organization's domain ownership with Trend Micro to meet configuration requirements or streamline app functions.

You must have the correct permissions in order to use the feature.
Only customers that have updated to the Foundation Services release have access to the feature.
The Domain Verification screen (AdministrationDomain Verification allows you to verify the ownership of your organizations domains in a centralized location. Domain verification is required for the function of several Trend Vision One apps.
The following table outlines the apps and services in Trend Vision One that require domain verification.

Feature Requiring Domain Verification
  • User Accounts
    • Allows for the addition of new SAML user accounts by email address without the user having to explicitly accept an invitation
Zero Trust Secure Access
  • Identity and Access Management
    • Required to ensure end users are directed to the correct identity provider login portal
  • Phishing Simulation Assessment
    • Required to confirm permission to send out more than five phishing assessment emails