Create and manage Trend Vision One user accounts to allow authorized users to access the console or connect third-party apps with APIs.


  1. Go to AdministrationUser Accounts.
  2. To add an account, click Add. To edit an account, click an account email address.
    When editing an account, begin with step 5 because Account and Account type are not editable.
  3. Specify an email address for the Account.
  4. Select an Account type.
    To select SAML account as an account type, you must configure Single Sign-On and ensure the Account matches the SAML user name.
  5. Select a Role.
    To create a custom user role, click Create a custom role in User Roles. For more information, see User Roles.
    Creating a new custom role leaves the current screen and discards all changes made on the screen.
  6. Specify the Given name and Surname of the account user.
  7. Specify a description for the account.
  8. When editing an account, enable or disable the account by clicking the Status toggle.
  9. Click Add or Save.
    • For local accounts:
      • Users must verify the email address and create a password.
        The verification link expires after 24 hours. If the verification link expires, any account with the Master Administrator role can resend the verification email message.
    • For SAML accounts:
      • Users must provide their credentials to log on.