If you are managing an account, that managed account cannot log on to the End User Console. Remove the account from your managed account list to allow the account to log on again.

Before adding a managed account, verify the following:

  • The account is a registered End User Console account.

  • The account is not currently a managed account of another End User Console account.

  • You will be able to open the confirmation email message sent to the account address. You must have access to the incoming email messages for an account to successfully start managing that account.

  • You have the End User Console password for the account.

  1. Access the End User Console.
  2. Click your logon account name and click Managed Accounts.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Specify a registered email address and its password and click OK.
  5. Open the confirmation email message sent to the account address and follow the instructions.

    Quarantine digest email messages will be sent only to the primary account.

    You can resend the confirmation email message by adding the managed account again.