Apex Central documentation includes the following:



Readme file

Contains a list of known issues and may also contain late-breaking product information not found in the Online Help or printed documentation

Administrator's Guide

A PDF document that provides detailed instructions of how to configure and manage Apex Central and managed products, and explanations on Apex Central concepts and features

Online Help

HTML files compiled in WebHelp format that provide "how to's", usage advice, and field-specific information. The Help is also accessible from the Apex Central console

Widget and Policy Management Guide

Contains information that explains how to configure dashboard widgets and policy management settings in Apex Central

To access this guide, go to

Automation Center

Online user guides and references that explain how to use the Apex Central Automation APIs:

Data Protection Lists (Chapter 1 only)

A PDF document that lists predefined data identifiers and templates for Data Loss Prevention

Knowledge Base

An online database of problem-solving and troubleshooting information. It provides the latest information about known product issues. To access the Knowledge Base, go to the following website:

Download the latest version of the PDF documents and readme at: