Through use of a web-based console, Trend Micro™ Licensing Management Platform (LMP) for managed service providers (MSPs) allows you to create, renew, and manage Trend Micro product and service licenses for all of your customers.

For partners that prefer to use third-party applications to manage licensing, Trend Micro provides the Licensing Management Platform Interface (LMPI). LMPI offers a wide range of APIs that you can leverage to take advantage of most of what the Licensing Management Platform offers, without signing into the console.

LMPI provides rich sets of APIs for license management including (but not limited to) the following:

  • MSP partner creation for Tier 1 partners

  • Account/Service provisioning

  • License changes

  • Reporting

After implementing the LMPI solution, a system-integrated partner is no longer required to sign into the Licensing Management Platform to manage licenses.

LMPI provides APIs that allow you to integrate 3 main functions into your third-party systems:

  1. Service Provisioning and Account/Entitlement Management

    Provides the necessary APIs that allow you to create partner service plans, create new customers, and provision services for customers.

  2. Reporting

    Provides APIs allowing you to monitor transaction data about Trend Micro and partners.

  3. Partner Management (Tier Distributor only)

    Provides APIs that allow you to manage your Tier 2 MSPs and contract assignment.


For partners using Billing Reports, you can use all API functions but must sign into the Licensing Management Platform to submit billing reports.