Problem: The access grant or migration for Inline Protection over Exchange Online always fail or get stuck in the pending status.
The possible causes are as follows:
  • Possible cause 1: The account used for access grant or migrating to Inline Protection belongs to a Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription, which does not support inbound connector creation.
    Do not use an account belonging to a Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription for access grant or migration.
  • Possible cause 2: The total number of transport rules you have created in the Microsoft 365 admin center has reached the maximum limit.
    Remove unnecessary transport rules in the Microsoft 365 admin center before you continue.
  • Possible cause 3: Transport rules or connectors for Inline Protection have been created for your organization.
    Check whether Cloud App Security has been granted access for Inline Protection for your organization at another site. If yes, you cannot continue with the access grant unless you revoke access at the other site first. If no, manually remove the connectors or transport rules for Inline Protection and grant access again.