1. Go to PoliciesPolicy Management.
  2. From the Organization drop-down list, select the organization for which you need to create policies.
  3. Click Data Loss Prevention under Email Policies or Collaboration Service Policies, depending on the service for which you want to create policies.
  4. Click Add Policy and select an application or service to create a policy for.
    You can create policies for the applications and services that you have granted Cloud App Security access to.
  5. Configure policy settings.
  6. If you have configured multiple policies for one application or service, adjust policy priorities as required by dragging a policy and placing it at the desired priority.
    Policies are applied in order from the highest priority to lowest priority. If you enable multiple real-time scanning policies for the same user, only the policy with the highest priority is applied. The default policy always has the lowest priority and will be applied if no other policies are matched.
  7. Click Save.