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Protect Against Security Risks

Run Manual Scan regularly to ensure that your computer is protected from the latest security risks. During a Manual Scan, Trend Micro Security performs a specific action against detected security risks. The action is configured by the Trend Micro Security server's administrator.

In addition to Manual Scan, Trend Micro Security also runs Real-time Scan and Scheduled Scan. The Trend Micro Security server's administrator also configures the settings for these two scan types, including the action against security risks detected during scanning.

Real-time Scan: A persistent and ongoing scan. Each time a file is received, opened, downloaded, copied, or modified, Real-time Scan scans the file for security risks. If Trend Micro Security detects no security risk, the file remains in its location and you can proceed to access the file. If Trend Micro Security detects a security risk, it displays a notification message, showing the name of the infected file and the specific security risk.

Scheduled Scan: Runs automatically on the appointed date and time. Scheduled Scan automates routine scans and improves scan management efficiency. Trend Micro Security aggregates all security risks detected during Scheduled Scan and displays them on your computer after the scanning is complete.