Configuring Location Settings Parent topic


  1. Navigate to Networked ComputersComputer Location.
  2. Choose whether location is based on Client connection status or Gateway IP and MAC address.
  3. If you choose Client connection status, decide if you want to use a reference server.
    See Reference Servers for details.
    1. If you did not specify a reference server, the OfficeScan client checks the connection status with the OfficeScan server when the following events occur:
      • OfficeScan client switches from roaming to normal (online/offline) mode.
      • OfficeScan client switches from one scan method to another. See Scan Methods for details.
      • OfficeScan client detects IP address change in the computer.
      • OfficeScan client restarts.
      • Server initiates connection verification. See OfficeScan Client Icons for details.
      • Web reputation location criteria changes while applying global settings.
      • Outbreak prevention policy is no longer enforced and pre-outbreak settings are restored.
    2. If you specified a reference server, the OfficeScan client checks its connection status with the OfficeScan server first, and then with the reference server if connection to the OfficeScan server is unsuccessful. The OfficeScan client checks the connection status every hour and when any of the above events occur.
  4. If you choose Gateway IP and MAC address:
    1. Type the gateway IPv4/IPv6 address in the text box provided.
    2. Type the MAC address.
    3. Click Add.
      If you do not type a MAC address, OfficeScan will include all the MAC addresses belonging to the specified IP address.
    4. Repeat step a to step c until you have all the gateway IP addresses you want to add.
    5. Use the Gateway Settings Importer tool to import a list of gateway settings.
      See Gateway Settings Importer for details.
  5. Click Save.