Configuring the Heartbeat and Server Polling Features Parent topic


  1. Navigate to Networked ComputersGlobal Client Settings,
  2. Go to the Unreachable Network section.
  3. Configure server polling settings.
    For details about server polling, see Server Polling.
    1. If the OfficeScan server has both an IPv4 and IPv6 address, you can type an IPv4 address range and IPv6 prefix and length.
      Type an IPv4 address range if the server is pure IPv4, or an IPv6 prefix and length if the server is pure IPv6.
      When a client’s IP address matches an IP address in the range, the client applies the heartbeat and server polling settings and the server treats the client as part of the unreachable network.
      Clients with an IPv4 address can connect to a pure IPv4 or dual-stack OfficeScan server.
      Clients with an IPv6 address can connect to a pure IPv6 or dual-stack OfficeScan server.
      Dual-stack clients can connect to dual-stack, pure IPv4, or pure IPv6 OfficeScan server.
    2. In Clients poll the server for updated components and settings every __ minute(s), specify the server polling frequency. Type a value between 1 and 129600 minutes.
      Trend Micro recommends that the server polling frequency be at least three times the heartbeat sending frequency.
  4. Configure heartbeat settings.
    For details about the heartbeat feature, see Heartbeat.
    1. Select Allow clients to send heartbeat to the server.
    2. Select All clients or Only clients in the unreachable network.
    3. In Clients send heartbeat every __ minutes, specify how often clients send heartbeat. Type a value between 1 and 129600 minutes.
    4. In A client is offline if there is no heartbeat after __ minutes, specify how much time without a heartbeat must elapse before the OfficeScan server treats a client as offline. Type a value between 1 and 129600 minutes.
  5. Click Save.