Planning for Network Traffic

When planning for deployment, consider the network traffic that Worry-Free Services will generate. Worry-Free Services generates network traffic when the Worry-Free Services Server and Security Agents communicate with each other.

The Worry-Free Services Server/Scan Server generates traffic when:

  • Notifying Security Agents about configuration changes

  • Notifying Security Agents to download updated components

  • Connecting to the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate Server to check for and download updated components

  • Performing scans on the endpoints who are configured for Smart Scan

  • Sending feedback to the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network

Security Agents generate traffic when:

  • Starting up

  • Shutting down

  • Generating logs

  • Performing scheduled updates

  • Performing manual updates ("Update Now")

  • Connecting to the Scan Server for Smart Scan

  • Uploading metadata to the Worry-Free Services Server

    for security threat impact assessment and investigation

Other than updates and log generation, all the other actions generate a small amount of traffic.