The available options will vary depending on your privileges.

Right-click this icon to display the following shortcuts.

  • Enable (or Disable) Firewall: Click to enable or disable the firewall.

  • Enable (or Disable) Behavior Monitoring: Click to enable or disable Behavior Monitoring.

  • Component Versions: Click to view the versions of the various Security Agent components.

  • Update Now: Click to update the Security Agent components either from server or directly from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server.

  • Scan Now: Click to start a scan.

  • Skip Scheduled Scan: Click to skip the next scheduled scan.

  • Stop Scheduled Scan: Click to stop the scheduled scan that is in progress.

  • Scheduled Scan Advanced Settings: Click to perform a scan as scheduled, postpone a scheduled scan, or to skip a scheduled scan.

  • Open Security Agent Console: Click to open the Agent console.

  • Exit Security Agent: Click to turn off the Security Agent program. You must have the exit/unlock password to turn off the Security Agent.