Security Agent Installation Methods

Worry-Free Services provides multiple methods to install the Security Agent.

Installation Method


Send Installer Link

Send an email message containing a link to download the installation package. Users can download the installation package and install the Security Agent using a supported browser.

See Security Agent Installation — Send Installation Invitation for more information.

  • Administrators can modify the Terms of Use that mobile device users must agree to before installing the Security Agent/Security Profile. Modify the Terms of Use from ADMINISTRATION > Mobile Device Enrollment Settings.

  • In addition to installing the Security Profile, a valid Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) certificate is required to manage iOS devices.

    See Configuring Mobile Device Enrollment Settings for more information.

Download Installer

Use the Download Utility to download the .msi file (WFBS-SVC_Agent_Installer.msi and install the Security Agent on a single endpoint or on multiple endpoints.

See Security Agent Installation — Download Installer.

Install on This Endpoint

Install the Security Agent on the Windows/Mac endpoint that administrators are currently using.

See Security Agent Installation — Install on This Endpoint for more information.

Deploy from Google Workspace

Besides installing from the Chrome Web Store, administrators can use this method to install the Chrome extension on multiple Chromebooks.

See Chrome Extension Mass Deployment for Chromebooks for more information.