Configuring Agent Control Settings

  1. Go to POLICIES > Global Security Agent Settings.
  2. Click Agent Control.
  3. Configure the required settings.




    Show the alert icon on the Windows taskbar if the virus pattern file is not updated after { } day(s): Displays an alert icon on clients when the pattern file is not updated after a certain number of days.

    Security Agent Logs

    Send the Web Reputation and URL Filtering logs to the server: Sends details of the sites that have been allowed and blocked to the server.


    The Watchdog option ensures the Agent is constantly protecting clients. When enabled, the Watchdog checks the availability of the Agent every x minutes. If the Agent is unavailable, the Watchdog will attempt to restart the Agent.


    Trend Micro recommends enabling the Watchdog service to help ensure that the Agent is protecting your clients. If the Agent unexpectedly terminates, which could happen if the client is under attack from a hacker, the Watchdog service restarts the Agent.

    • Enable the Security Agent Watchdog service

    • Check Security Agent status every {} minute(s): Determines how often the Watchdog service should check client status.

    • If the Security Agent cannot restart, retry {} time(s): Determines how many times the Watchdog service should attempt to restart the Agent.

    Help Desk Notice

    Administrators can configure customized help for their end users from the Help Desk Notice section of the screen. A customized label, email address to contact someone for help, and hover over text are configurable.

    • Help Desk label: Provide a meaningful label for the end user.

    • Help Desk email address: Provide the email address that end users will contact when the end users need support.

      The Help Desk email address will display after end users click the installer link you sent.

    • Hover-over text: Provide meaningful hover-over text for the end user.


    Require users to provide a password to uninstall the Security Agent: Allows users to uninstall the Security Agent after providing the specified password.

    Exit / Unlock

    Require a password to exit the Security Agent or unlock advanced settings: Allows users to exit/unlock the Security Agent after providing the specified password.

  4. Click Save.