Configuring Device Control Exceptions

Use the Exceptions tab in Device Control to configure exception settings.



Add user rules

Create user rules to allow specified users access to restricted devices. The Allow Rules in the Users section override the settings configured on the Endpoint Settings tab.

Click Add Allow Rule and add user accounts to the rule. Windows local accounts and Active Directory accounts are supported.

View or change user rules

Click a name in the Rule column to open the Allow Rule screen.

Delete user rules

Select rules and click Delete.

Specify the permission for the global Allowed USB Device List

The permission in the USB Devices section applies when you select Block or Read for USB storage devices on the Endpoint Settings tab.

For more information on configuring the Allowed USB Device List, see Adding Exceptions to the Allowed USB Device List.

Configure the Allowed Programs List

In the Programs section, click Allowed Program List to configure a list of programs that Device Control does not restrict access on any device type.

For more information, see Configuring the Allowed Program List.