Real-Time Scan: Action Tab

  1. In the Virus/Malware section, configure the required settings.
    1. Select the type of action that the Security Agent takes after detecting a security threat.
      • ActiveAction: Select to use a set of pre-configured scan actions for viruses/malware

        For more information, see ActiveAction.

      • Customized actions: Specify the action that the Security Agent takes on specific security threats

    2. Select Back up files before cleaning to create an encrypted copy of the infected file on the endpoint in the <Agent installation folder>\Backup folder.

      Creating a backup copy of the file allows you to restore the original version of the file if necessary.

  2. In the Spyware/Grayware section, select the action the Security Agent takes after detecting spyware or grayware programs.
    • Clean: Terminates all related processes and deletes associated registry values, files, cookies and shortcuts

    • Deny access: Prevents the end user from opening or copying the spyware or grayware components