Configuring Agent Privileges

Agent privileges allow user to configure specified settings on the Security Agent.

  1. Go to the Configure Policy screen by performing one of the following:
    • Classic Mode: Go to SECURITY AGENTS and select a group. Click > Configure Policy.

    • Advanced Mode: Go to POLICIES > Policy Management. Click Add or click an existing policy.

  2. Click Windows.
  3. Go to Privileges and Other Settings.
  4. Click Privileges.
  5. Configure the required settings.



    Scan Types

    Select the scan types that users can configure.

    Scheduled Scan

    Select the actions that users can take on Scheduled Scan.


    • View firewall settings: Displays Firewall in the drop-down list on the Security Protection tab on the Security Agent.

    • Enable or disable the firewall: Selecting this option prevents you from enforcing firewall settings from the Worry-Free Business Security Services web console. The information under Firewall settings on the Security Agent always reflects the settings configured on the Security Agent, not the web console.

    Web Reputation

    Continue browsing a malicious URL until the endpoint is restarted

    URL Filtering

    Continue browsing a restricted URL until the endpoint is restarted

    Behavior Monitoring

    Display the Behavior Monitoring tab on the Security Agent and allow users to configure Behavior Monitoring settings.

    Agent Alerts

    Allow users to enable or disable security event alerts.

  6. Click Save.