Rule 1: Maximum Size of a Decompressed File

A compressed file – upon decompression – must meet the specified limit.

Example: You set the limit to 20MB.

Scenario 1: If the size of upon decompression is 30MB, none of the files contained in will be scanned. The other two rules are no longer checked.

Scenario 2: If the size of upon decompression is 10MB:

  • If does not contain compressed files, Worry-Free Services skips Rule 2 and proceeds to Rule 3.

  • If contains compressed files, the size of all decompressed files must be within the limit. For example, if contains AAA.rar, and, and contains


    = 10MB upon decompression




    = 25MB upon decompression




    = 3MB upon decompression




    = 1MB upon decompression



    = 2MB upon decompression,,, and will be checked against Rule 2 because the combined size of these files is within the 20MB limit. AAA.rar is skipped.