Blocking Access to Data Recorders (CD/DVD)

Device Control can only limit access to CD/DVD recording devices that use the Live File System format. Some third-party applications that use Master Format can still perform read/write operations even with Device Control enabled. Use Data Loss Prevention to limit access to CD/DVD recording devices that use any format type.

  1. Go to the Configure Policy screen by performing one of the following:
    • Classic Mode: Go to SECURITY AGENTS and select a group. Click > Configure Policy.

    • Advanced Mode: Go to POLICIES > Policy Management. Click Add or click an existing policy.

  2. Click Windows.
  3. Go to Data Loss Prevention.
  4. Under Data Loss Prevention, enable the feature.

    If you are enabling Data Loss Prevention for the first time, users are required to restart their endpoints to apply the settings.

  5. On the Rules tab, click Add.
  6. Select Enable this rule.
  7. Specify a name for the rule.
  8. In the Template section, select the All File Extension template from the list.
  9. In the Channel section, expand the System and Application Channels list and select Data recorders (CD/DVD).
  10. In the Action section, select Block.
  11. Click Add.
  12. Click Save.