Configuring Manual Scan Settings

  1. In the Target section, configure the required settings.
    1. Under Files to scan, select from the following:
      • All scannable files: Includes all scannable files. Unscannable files are password protected files, encrypted files, or files that exceed the user-defined scanning restrictions.


        This option provides the maximum security possible. However, scanning every file requires a lot of time and resources and might be redundant in some situations. Therefore, you might want to limit the amount of files the agent includes in the scan.

      • Scan only Mach-O files: Only scans Mach-O files on endpoints during Smart Scan.

        Mach-O is a file format for executable files, libraries, and object code in macOS. Scanning only Mach-O files excludes other file types and reduces scan time.

    2. Select Scan compressed files.
  2. In the CPU Usage section, select from the following:
    • High: No pausing between scans

    • Low: Pause between file scans if CPU consumption is higher than 20%, and do not pause if 20% or lower

  3. Select the type of action that the Security Agent takes after detecting a security threat.
    • ActiveAction: Select to use a set of pre-configured scan actions for viruses/malware

      For more information, see ActiveAction.

    • Customized actions: Specify the action that the Security Agent takes on all malware threats