Configuring iOS Passcode Settings

Enforcing the use of a passcode on iOS devices provides baseline protection for the end-user.

  1. Go to the Configure Policy screen by performing one of the following:
    • Classic Mode: Go to SECURITY AGENTS and select a group. Click > Configure Policy.

    • Advanced Mode: Go to POLICIES > Policy Management. Click Add or click an existing policy.

  2. Click iOS.
  3. Go to Passcode.
  4. Under Passcode, enable the feature to notify users to set a passcode.
  5. In the Complexity section, configure the required settings.
    1. Specify the characters that users should use.
    2. Set the passcode length.
  6. In the Security section, configure the required settings.
    1. Set an expiration day for the passcode.
    2. Specify how often users can reuse an old passcode.
  7. In the Automatic Screen Lock section, specify how long can a device remains inactive before the device locks.
  8. Click Save.