IntelliTrap is a Trend Micro heuristic technology used to discover threats that use real-time compression paired with other malware characteristics like Packers. This covers virus/malware, worms, trojans, backdoors and bots. Virus writers often attempt to circumvent virus/malware filtering by using different file compression schemes. IntelliTrap is a real-time, rule-based, and pattern recognition scan engine technology that detects and removes known virus/malware in files compressed up to 17 layers deep using any of 16 popular compression types.


IntelliTrap uses the same scan engine as virus scanning. As a result, the file handling and scanning rules for IntelliTrap are the same as administrator-defined rules for virus scanning.

Agents write bot and other malware detections to the IntelliTrap log. You can export the contents of the IntelliTrap log for inclusion in reports.

IntelliTrap uses the following components when checking for bots and other malicious programs:

  • Virus Scan Engine

  • IntelliTrap Pattern

  • IntelliTrap Exception Pattern