Data Loss Prevention Channels

Data Loss Prevention monitors network, system, and application channels that can transmit sensitive information.

For a list of supported channels, see the Data Protection Lists document at:

Table 1. Network Channels



Email clients

Monitoring occurs when an email client attempts to send an email. Data Loss Prevention checks the email subject, body, and attachments for data identifiers.


Monitoring occurs when an FTP client attempts to upload files to an FTP server. Data Loss Prevention checks for the presence of data identifiers in the files.


Monitoring occurs before data is encrypted and transmitted through HTTP and HTTPS.

IM applications

Monitoring occurs before users send messages or files through instant messaging (IM) applications. Data Loss Prevention does not monitor messages or files that users receive.

SMB protocol

Monitoring occurs when another user attempts to copy or read a user's shared file. Data Loss Prevention checks if the file is or contains a data identifier.


Monitoring occurs when a supported web-based email service attempts to transmit data through HTTP. Data Loss Prevention checks the data for the presence of data identifiers.

Table 2. System and Application Channels



Cloud storage services

Monitors files that users access using cloud storage services

Data recorders (CD/DVD)

Monitors data recorded to a CD or DVD

PGP Encryption

Monitors data to be encrypted by PGP encryption software. Data Loss Prevention checks the data before encryption proceeds.

Peer-to-peer applications

Monitors files that users share through peer-to-peer applications


Monitors printer operations initiated from various applications

Data Loss Prevention does not block printer operations on new files that have not been saved because printing information has only been stored in the memory at this point.

Removable storage

Monitors data transmissions to or within removable storage devices

Synchronization software (ActiveSync)

Monitors data transmitted to a mobile device through synchronization software

Windows clipboard

Monitors data to be transmitted to Windows clipboard before allowing or blocking the transmission