Device Control

Device Control regulates access to external storage devices and network resources connected to computers. Device Control helps prevent data loss and leakage and, combined with file scanning, helps guard against security risks.

You can also configure exception settings based on user accounts to allow specified users access to restricted devices.

For a list of supported device models, see the Data Protection Lists document at:

Table 1. Supported Device Types

Device Type

Device Description

Storage devices



Device Control can only limit access to CD/DVD recording devices that use the Live File System format. Some third-party applications that use Master Format can still perform read/write operations even with Device Control enabled. Use Data Loss Prevention to limit access to CD/DVD recording devices that use any format type.

For details, see Blocking Access to Data Recorders (CD/DVD).

Network drives

USB storage devices

Mobile devices

Mobile devices

Non-storage devices

Bluetooth adapters

COM and LPT ports

IEEE 1394 interface

Imaging devices

Infrared devices


Print screen key

Wireless NICs