Network Bandwidth Consumption Resulted from Application Reputation List Updates

For applications that receive updates frequently, Trend Micro also updates the Application Reputation List constantly to provide the latest information. Worry-Free Services needs to download the files again when the selected applications receive updates. Depending on the number of applications you selected, file downloads might consume your network bandwidth.

The following table describes the update frequency and download size to expect for some applications. Example 1 includes two applications that tend to receive updates frequently, and the download size might take up to 3.9 MB per month. Example 2 includes two applications that receive less updates, and the download size might only take up to 438 KB per month.


Blocked Application

Average Updates per Month

File Size

Average Download Size per Month

Example 1


5 - 10

185 KB

925 - 1850 KB

Google Chrome

3 - 6

353 KB

1059 - 2118 KB

Example 2


2 - 4

21 KB

42 - 84 KB

Remote Desktop Manager

2 - 3

118 KB

236 - 354 KB