Application Control Rules

Use the Application Control Rules screen to configure rules that you can then assign to Security Agent policy settings. You can create Allow or Block Rules to limit the applications that can execute or install on your endpoints.

Table 1. Application Control Rule Tasks



Add rules

Click Add Rule and select from the following:

  • Allow: Create Allow Rules to specifically allow certain applications to execute. Use Allow Rules to ensure that Application Control never blocks a certain application, or create a complete list of applications allowed to execute on endpoints and then deploy a Lockdown policy to the endpoints. While in Lockdown Mode, users cannot execute, access, or install any application that you did not include in the Allow Rules.

  • Block: Create Block Rules to specifically block certain applications from executing. Use Block Rules to ensure that Application Control always blocks certain applications.

  • Copy: Select an existing rule and click Copy to create a rule based on the existing settings.

For more information, see Configuring Application Control Rules.

View or change rules

Click a name in the Rule column.

Delete rules

Select rules and click Delete.

View policy associations

Move the cursor over a number in the Target Policies column to display a list of all policies that implement the rule.