Configuring Other Agent Settings

  1. Go to the Configure Policy screen by performing one of the following:
    • Classic Mode: Go to SECURITY AGENTS and select a group. Click > Configure Policy.

    • Advanced Mode: Go to POLICIES > Policy Management. Click Add or click an existing policy.

  2. Click Windows.
  3. Go to Privileges and Other Settings.
  4. Click Other Settings.
  5. Configure the required settings.



    Security Agent Upgrade Settings

    Upgrading or deploying hotfixes to a large number of Security Agents simultaneously can significantly increase network traffic. Consider enabling the following settings on several groups so you can stagger the deployment.

    • Postpone major version upgrade: This setting applies when the Security Agent program requires a major version upgrade. Depending on the user's environment, the actual upgrade might occur later than the specified day.

    • Do not apply non-critical hotfixes: Non-critical hotfixes contain minor updates for the Security Agent program.

    Security Agent Self-Protection

    Prevent users or other processes from modifying Trend Micro program files, registries and processes.


    The access permission settings of the Security Agent folders, files, and registry entries are inherited from the Program Files folder (for endpoints running Windows Vista/XP/Server 2003). Therefore, if the permissions settings (security settings in Windows) of the Windows file or Program Files folder are set to allow full read/write access, enabling this setting still allows endpoints full read/write access to the Security Agent folders, files, and registry entries.

  6. Click Save.