Users Overview

The Users screen displays logon account information and the endpoints associated with the active users. Each time a user logs on to a protected endpoint, Worry-Free Services associates the endpoint with the user account allowing you to monitor and assess the activity of specific users.

Worry-Free Services associates endpoints with the last logged on user account. For example, when User A logs on to Endpoint X, Worry-Free Services associates Endpoint X with User A in the list. If User B then logs on to Endpoint X, Worry-Free Services moves Endpoint X to User B in the list.


If multiple endpoints all use the default "Administrator" account, Worry-Free Services may display a long list of endpoints as being associated with the "Administrator" account.

The following table outlines the data available in the All Users list.




The name of the user account used to log on to a protected endpoint

Click the User name to view detailed information regarding endpoint associations and security events.

For more information, see User Details.


The Active Directory domain of the user account


A list of endpoints on which the user account was the last account used to log on to the endpoints


Worry-Free Services automatically removes user accounts from the list if the account no longer has associated endpoints and has no detection logs.