Configuring Report Settings

You can configure Worry-Free Services to generate customized PDF reports on a scheduled or one-time basis.


After generating a one-time report, you cannot modify the report settings. You must create a new one-time report if you want to generate a report with different data.

  1. Go to REPORTS.

    The Reports screen appears.

  2. Create a new one-time or scheduled report or modify the existing settings for a scheduled report.
    • To create a new report, click Add.

    • To modify an existing scheduled report, click the name of the report in the Report column.

    The Report Settings screen appears.

  3. In the General Settings section, type a descriptive Report name.
  4. In the Frequency section, specify the report generation schedule.
    • One-time: Generates the report immediately based on the available data specified in the From and To period


      The One-time option only displays when creating a new report.

    • Weekly: Generates weekly report data on the day specified in the Every [day of week] drop-down at the time specified

    • Monthly: Generates monthly report data on the day specified in the On day [XX] drop-down at the time specified


      Monthly reports only generate on the exact day of the month you specify. If you choose a day that does not exist in a particular month (for example, day 30 in February), Worry-Free Services does not generate a report for the months in which the specified day does not exist.

  5. In the Targets section, specify the endpoint data you want to include in the report.
    • All endpoints: Include data from all Security Agents that report to the server

    • Groups: Include data from the selected Active Directory or Manual groups from the Security Agent tree


      When selecting an Active Directory group that contains child groups, visually the child groups are not selected. However, selecting the parent group automatically includes all child group data in the report.

  6. In the Report Content section, select the type of data to include in the report.

    For more information, see Report Content.

  7. In the Recipients section, type the email addresses you want Worry-Free Services to notify after the report generation completes.

    Separate multiple email addresses using a semicolon (;). Worry-Free Services attaches the PDF report to the email message.

  8. Click Save.

    The Reports screen appears.