Report Overview

Reports provide you summary information and top statistics about security events that occurred on your network during a specific period. You can configure Worry-Free Services to generate customized PDF reports on a scheduled or one-time basis.

For more information about the report content available, see Report Content.

The following table outlines the tasks available on the Reports screen.



Add new reports

Click Add to configure a new one-time or scheduled report.

For more information, see Configuring Report Settings.

Delete reports

Select the check box for one or more existing reports and click Delete to permanently remove the report data, including the generated PDF.


If you select a scheduled report to delete, Worry-Free Services deletes all previously generated reports associated with the scheduled report. Trend Micro recommends saving local copies of all generated reports before permanently deleting entries.

Modify scheduled report settings

Click the name of a scheduled report in the Report column to modify the report settings.

For more information, see Configuring Report Settings.


After generating a one-time report, you cannot modify the report settings. You must create a new one-time report if you want to generate a report with different data.

View reports

Click the link in the View column to access previously generated reports.

  • For one-time reports, clicking the PDF link automatically downloads the report to your local drive.

  • For scheduled reports, clicking the count link displays a Report History screen that allows you to download a specific report based on the data period.


    On the Report History screen, you can delete specific reports by selecting the check box for one or more existing reports and clicking Delete.

Enable or disable a scheduled report

Click the Enabled column control to enable or temporarily disable a scheduled report cycle.