Security Risk Detection Logs

The following table describes the data that Worry-Free Services provides for Security Risk Detections.



Generated / Received

Click the Date/Time list and choose from one of the following:

  • Generated: The time the event occurred on the endpoint

  • Received: The time the Worry-Free Services web console receives the log data


The security risk type or scan feature for the detection


The name of the security risk, object, or rule that triggered the detection


For Virus/Malware and Spyware/Grayware detections, you can click the link to open the Trend Micro Threat Encyclopedia and find out more information about the detected threat.

File Path/Target

The location of the file or object that triggered the detection


The action taken or error result


The endpoint on which the event occurred

Click the name of the endpoint to redirect to the Security Agents screen. The Endpoint Details for the selected endpoint displays.


The user or user account associated with the event


  • : Click to display more details for the specific detection

  • : Click to display the detailed analysis for the specific detection

    This feature requires that Send detailed threat events to the server for Enhanced Threat Analysis is enabled in POLICIES > Global Security Agent Settings.

  • : Click to generate a root cause analysis for the specific detection