Dashboard - Cloud App Security


On the Dashboard screen, click the Cloud App Security tab to display widgets containing data from Cloud App Security.

Click any link on this tab to open the Cloud App Security web console in a new browser tab where you can view more details or manage service accounts and policies.



Overall Threat Detections

Shows threat detection statistics, that is, the total number of email messages and files scanned and the number of each type of security threats detected.

For more information, see Overall Threat Detections.

Internal User Risk Insights widgets

Shows information about most at-risk internal users from different dimensions and the risk events that are triggered most frequently.

For more information, see Internal User Risk Insights Widgets.

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Shows BEC detection statistics, that is, the total number of detections, top five BEC email recipients, top five writing style analysis violations by recipient, and top five targeted high profile users.

For more information, see Business Email Compromise (BEC) Widgets.

Credential Phishing Detections

Shows credential phishing detection statistics by Web Reputation, dynamic URL scanning, and computer vision.

For more information, see Credential Phishing Detections.