Security Agent Tree

The Security Agent Tree contains a list of expandable groups and features to help you manage Security Agents according to your requirements. Select a group from the Security Agent Tree to display a list of Security Agents on the right side.

The following table describes the menu items that you can use in the Security Agent Tree.



Click to create a new manual group or a new filter.

All Security Agents

Manage all Security Agents on your network.

Manual Groups

Manage Security Agents using manually created groups.

For example, group Security Agents based on the departments to which they belong or the functions they perform. You can also group Security Agents that are at a greater risk of infection and apply a more secure configuration.

Active Directory

Manage Windows Security Agents based on your Active Directory structure.

After integrating the Active Directory structure to Worry-Free Business Security Services, only Security Agents installed on endpoints running Windows platforms appear in the Security Agent Tree according to their registered domain groups. You can specify which settings to apply to the Security Agents in the parent domain group. By default, Worry-Free Business Security Services applies the parent settings to all child domain groups. You can customize the settings for specific domain groups to meet your requirements.

For more information on integrating the Active Directory structure to Worry-Free Business Security Services, see Active Directory Settings.


Manage Security Agents based on specific criteria, such as IP address range or operating system.

For more information on adding filters to the Security Agent Tree, see Adding New Filters.

Outdated Security Agents

Manage Security Agents that require component updates.

Unmanaged Endpoints

Discover endpoints that have no Security Agent installed. This feature requires Active Directory integration.

Unsupported Operating Systems

Security Agents running unsupported operating systems cannot upgrade to the latest version. Consider upgrading the operating systems.


The Unsupported Operating Systems group can only display Windows Security Agents that are version 6.3.1283 or later.

For more information on supported operating systems, see System Requirements.

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